Vampirism Fire v6.19c

November 11, 2022


  • Disable Slayers picking items on blighted ground (No more destroy on pickup)
  • Slayers can no longer attack items
  • New unit based on goblin sapper. Low HP explodes and does AOE damage to structures. (comes out 35mins)
  • Touch of Death for Vampires to counter Slayer pesting by body block. Will Banish and silence a slayer for 5 seconds, cost 10 lumber.
  • Unpickable coins by Vampire while taxed
  • New Fel beast ability that auto attacks nearest engineer
  • Expand awakening regions
  • Armageddon Tower gold cost increased from 200 -> 225 | lumber cost 500k -> 575k
  • All item tooltips redone
  • Pulse Grenade stun duration increased from 5 -> 7 seconds
  • Claws of Attack stock increased from 1 -> 2
  • (Wall complete) message now shows when a wall finishes constructing/upgrading
  • Bloodletting staff price decreased from 100 -> 75 gold
  • New UI that shows game statistics such as Kills, gold picked, furbolgs killed, time focused etc…by pressing “Control + Q”
  • Humans and Vampires can now purchase and use items from each side after victory/defeat screen
  • New Slayer item “Crucifix” (Grants a 30% magic damage resistance to Slayers)
  • Houses now have a limit of 60 max

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed awakening issues, should no longer break half way through the game