Vampirism Fire v6.18

August 11, 2022


  • Base changes
  • Super Vision Outpost now pings map for 20 seconds up from 10 seconds
  • Multiboard clan tags, player status (dead, left, afk) redone
  • Heavenly blood tower armor deduction cap removed. Now deducts by -30 armor each hit
  • Observer players added to multiboard (with leaver status)
  • Accept changes button added to custom mode
  • Human players (alive) that leave before 12 minutes game time now have their gold shared among other Humans

Bug Fixes:

  • Gold mines killed by Human now deduct proper income
  • Explosion graphic fixed
  • Observers can no longer vote on custom mode selection
  • Vampire can now be spawned using computer player slots
  • Sphere of Doom will now give stats while in attributes menu of Vampiric Research Center
  • Humans now all get ousted to Party Pool when afk at Vampire spawn
  • Awakening spell now should correctly clear all paths (New method being used)
  • Leaving Humans wont trigger (Human has fallen message)


  • Misc (A ton of old code has been scrapped and re-written)