Vampirism Fire v6.17d

July 18, 2022


  • Super Tower Builders max limit added (60)
  • “-lock” command removed
  • Camera lock + zoom is now automatically loaded upon game start
  • Terrain reworked
  • Max coin pick limit mechanic now displays who gold went to, and receiver gets a message
  • New minimize/maximize button added to custom mode UI
  • Tower defences upgrade lumber cost reduced from 40k -> 30k lumber
  • Mini Vampire bounty increased from 1g -> 5g
  • Dracula’s Equipment CD reduced from 60 -> 15 seconds
  • Human Ward now has 5g bounty when killed
  • New chat command “-feed <playercolor>” will initiate a vote to kill x player for excessive feeding (alternative command to vote kicking)
  • New taunt ability added to Orc Tower Builder
  • Cloak of Power gold cost reduced from 3000 -> 2200 gold
  • Dust of Appearance cooldown reduced from 60 -> 15 seconds
  • Punisher gold cost reduced from 4000 -> 3800
  • Punisher stats increased from 90 -> 100
  • Dracula’s Cloak damage increased from 7500 -> 8250
  • Bounty from dead Humans now show on multiboard feed counter

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fix (Vampires can no longer participate in vote kicks)
  • Bug fix (Humans can no longer send gold to dead Humans)
  • Bug fix (Tower defenses upgrade level 2)
  • Bug fix (Time Tower not incrementing damage by +200 on first minute
  • Bug fix (Feeding block no longer procs “Hellfire Vampire too close” message
  • Bug fix (Sphere of Doom tooltip)
  • Bug fix (Max coin limit fixed)
  • Bug fix (small lag spike at 3:28)