Vampirism Fire v6.14

May 30, 2021

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  • Spawning a Reaper now gives selection of the Reaper to Vampire upon spawn
  • Dracula’s Reaver of Fire no longer gives 3000 HP bonus + Hotkey changed from H -> R
  • Nosferatu’s Essence mana regeration rate decreased from 1.5 -> 1.4
  • Blink ability added to Reaper
  • Sword of Resonance gold cost reduced from 15 -> 8
  • Sword of Resonance can no longer be used on allies towers
  • Effectiveness information added to towers
  • Tax bracket minute 2535 total feed before tax increased from 3400->3600 and tax reduced from 80%->60%
  • Vampire Power of the Underworld max upgrades increased from 10->20


  • Fixed Barricade Wall exploit
  • Fixed Observer’s not having vision bug when no mode is selected and match begins
  • Fixed Vampire damage upgrade being available at 6 minutes (back to 12 minutes)
  • Creeps no longer tax Vampires (while taxed)
  • Fixed “-g <last>” sometimes sending to wrong player
  • Fixed gold leak rate in classic mode
  • Fixed repair bug (sometimes didn’t allow multiple unit groups to repair at the same time)
  • Human leavers now will activate 20% bounty mechanic for Vampires (when base expires)
  • Fixed Vampire leave bugs