Vampirism Fire v6.13c

April 24, 2021

Unit | Item | Tower | Structure | Ability | Research changes | New:

  • New Smite+Judgement Day animations added
  • Dracula’s Reaver of Fire 25% chance to deal 100 damage increased -> 150 damage; chance to stun increased from 15% -> 18%; mana loss of 100 on proc added
  • Barricade Wall now has a set duration of 95 seconds after constructing a ‘Human Vault’, Barricade Builder now lasts the full duration of the Barricade Wall as well (Building the wall at any time will not affect how long the wall lasts for)
  • Holy Blood Tower lumber cost reduced from 25,000 -> 19,000
  • Vampires are now guaranteed 20% bounty of a Human’s base once the Human is killed and the 90 second timer for their structures expires (If Vampires exceed 20% of the dead Human’s bounty in feed, they will receive nothing)
  • Tax from minute 10-15 increased from 30% -> 50%; minute 20-25 increased from 30% -> 65%; minute 25-35 increased from 30% -> 80%;
  • Added new timer command “-t <amountInSeconds>” will create a timer that will alert you when the time runs out
  • -noEnter cmd no longer ousts Slayers that are silenced by ‘Silent Whisper’
  • -show cmd now shows how much gold a dead Human fed before turning into a Vampire Minion (mini)
  • Building a Human’s Vault for the first time now auto claims the base you build it in
  • -oust no longer ousts your own workers
  • Pulse grenade aoe circle range increased from 200 -> 300
  • Gold mine multiplier changed to static income per gold mine amount (ex: 3 -> 3 gold per gold mine)
  • Vampire Experience multiplier added to custom mode
  • Sphere of Doom now has an aura that prevents dead buildings from being detonated by Humans while Vampire with the item is nearby
  • Humans now get 2 free gold at 6 minutes instead of 12 minutes
  • Lumber to Gold conversion cost increased from 2000 lumber to 3000
  • Spawn Portal ability duration increased from 2 -> 5 minutes
  • Sphere of Doom stat gain now scales from minute 1-18 (afterwards is a static 5 stats per 15 seconds)
  • Red Beryl Wall can now be built by Super Tower Builder
  • Vampire level balancing script no longer applies to Mini Vampires (ensures Vampire is level 15 by 15 minutes)


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed building structures on un-buildable cliffs directly above the Vampire spawn (Giving unfair permanent vision of Vampire’s)
  • Ring of Helllord bat’s no longer show as a critical strike (text)
  • Observers can no longer vote on accepting or vetoing custom mode
  • Vampire scaling (blood lust) fixed


  • Observer players now view both teams by default (spectate buttons removed)
  • -gg command now starts a timer that will insta kill the Human in 6 seconds if he does not cancel it
  • Base (glowing runes) relocated to optimal positions for wall placements)
  • Human’s can no longer sell allies items for gold and lumber (resources now sent to owner of the item)
  • New Vampire model added (Diablo)
  • Master Vampire Slayer/Slayeress changed into -> Archangel models