Vampirism Fire 6.10

December 6, 2020

Unit | Item | Tower | Structure | Ability | Research changes | New:

  • New Vampire item: Dracula’s Reaver of Fire (200 damage, +3000 HP, 25% chance to stun Slayers)
  • Cloak of Power armor bonus increased from 1500 to 2500
  • Avatar cooldown reduced from 10 minutes to 8 minutes

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Hell Hound not properly tracking nearest slayer
  • Fixed Demonic Remains tooltip not showing proper damage bonus
  • Fixed (-oust) command not sending message to Humans alerting about detonated workers
  • Fixed (-gg <amount>) command sending resources to Humans
  • Fixed damage upgrade not working for Player 12(Brown)
  • Fixed Gold Collector ability not removing large gold coins
  • Fixed (-gold <playercolor> <amount>) command not working
  • Barricade wall invulnerability removed (will improve system in later patch)
  • Pink Diamond Towers tooltip updated
  • Fixed a macro exploit using return resources
  • Fixed (-claim) command removing player’s flag from claimed base