Vampirism Fire 6.9

November 3, 2020

Unit | Item | Tower | Structure | Ability | Research changes | New:

  • Infernal Rage ability now requires 15 gold to activate + Hit Point Bonus removed + Speed Bonus reduced from 325 to 300 (50% increase from normal speed of 200)
  • Hell Hound now auto targets Slayers when spawned and casting time animation removed.
  • Speed Aura removed from Mini Vampires
  • Pink Diamond Tower damage increased from 184 -> 230
  • Vampiric Damage upgrade cost reduced from 60 to 50 | Upgrade time reduced from 40 seconds to 30 seconds | Time increment added at +3 seconds per each upgrade
  • New upgrade that gives Human walls the ability to collect gold coins within base
  • Demonic Remains damage bonus additional damage reduced from 125 per minute to 100
  • New Vampiric Research Center ability Item Transfer will transfer all items in Research Center to nearby Vampire
  • Slayer Tavern & Research Center added to Vampiric Awakening structures
  • Ring of the Helllords & Ring of Dracula now have toggle on/off ability to turn Ring effects on and off
  • Blood Particle Regeneration upgrade cost reduced to 5 lumber from 10

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed a bug with Barricade Wall not removing invulnerability from nearby houses
  • Unholy Essence message no longer displays if a Ancient Vampire leaves the game while a Mini Vampire is alive + Unholy Essence only applies while there is only 1 Vampire alive
  • -gg command no longer sends to dead Vampires


  • Halloween/Fall theme reverted
  • RG clan tags removed
  • Hotkey removed for Arts of Darkness Passives
  • Creeps now give mana and health to Humans upon death
  • Satyr Harvester hotkey changed from W to Q to solve overlap issue of Tier 1 Harvesters

Developer notes: 

  • 25 hours total