Vampirism Fire 6.8c

October 2, 2020

Unit | Item | Tower | Structure | Ability | Research changes:

  • Infernal Meteor now has 3 warning messages upon spawn again
  • Scythe of Necromancy gold cost reduced from 200 to 100
  • Flag hitbox removed
  • Demonic Remains damage bonus per minute increased from +100 to +200 each minute (maximum of +500 damage per DR)
  • Summoning Portal ability research cost reduced from 10 lumber to 5
  • Summoning Portal ability can now be created inside vacant Human bases
  • Wand of Shadowsight item removed
  • Infernal Meteor Rage ability speed bonus reduced from 522 to 375
  • Rain of Blood damage dealt to Towers and other Human non wall structures reduced to 2000
  • Pulse Grenade radius reduced from 650 to 400
  • Engineer Vitality now has 2 extra upgrade levels to tech and further increase Engineer hit points
  • Slayer Adept Training hit point bonus increment increased from 750 to 1000. Lumber increment cost reduced to 1200 from 1500
  • Pulse Staff renamed to Pulse Rod (Damage bonus per kill now capped at +1500)
  • Sharpened Hatchets upgrade renamed to Sharpened Hatchets Lumber Harvesting
  • Pink Diamond Towers lumber cost reduced from 3500 to 3000 for both Holy Essence and non upgraded Pink Diamond Towers
  • Time Tower now starts at 200 damage again
  • Solo Vampire hit point bonus decreased from x2 to x1.5 more max HP
  • Vampiric Research Center can now use items and their active abilities
  • Activation range for Vampire Altar of Blood increased from 600 to 1500 | Shops increased from 300 to 600
  • Vampiric Awakening now shows gold gained upon use
  • Cloak of Power armor bonus increased to 1500 from 1000

New commands/command changes: 

  • -zoom/-cam commands added
  • -oust can now be used at 5 minutes (Ousts all structures and units from your base)
  • -hideui/-noui (No longer shows Slayer death messages, and other various non essential text popups)
  • -claim command added (Claim base that Human is in)
  • Added -no to cancel -gg confirmation
  • Added -gg command for Vampires (eg. -gg <amount>) -> will send gold to teammate Ancient Vampire
  • Added -g last command for Humans (eg. -g <last> <amount>) -> will send gold to the last person who sent you resources

Bug fixes: 

  • Chain of Death (60% spell damage resistance not being applied bug fixed)
  • Lag spike when purchasing Demonic Remains removed
  • Lag spike when purchasing Grave Robber removed
  • Exploding Gold Coin ability no longer affects Vampires
  • Devotion Aura fixed
  • Vampiric Awakening now activates always (bug fix)
  • Allowed players can now be attacked by Vampire minions (bug fix)


  • Unit priorities updated (mostly reverted to v6.6) with some tweaks
  • Lumber income for solo Vampires increased from 3 lumber per minute to 6
  • Halloween/Fall themed map (Skins, models, sounds)
  • Multiple base changes

Developer notes: 

  • 33 hours total