Vampirism Fire 6.7d

September 2, 2020

New Items | Abilities | Units | Mechanics:

  • New Infernal Rage ability added to ‘Infernal Meteor’ – When activated gives bonus health, damage and movement speed for 5 seconds
  • New Meatwagon Rage ability – When activated gives bonus health, damage and movement speed for 5 seconds
  • Tower sharing has been disabled (Only the owner of a wall that a Vampire is attacking will be able to deal damage to the attacking Vampire) – Vampire minions within 1500 range of attacking Vampire will also have tower sharing disabled while Vampire is attacking
  • New item ‘Ring of Dracula’ – Recipe that auto combines 2 Ring of Helllords together (to save inventory space)
  • Gold Mine Counter text toggle ability added to Flag to display amount of gold mines
  • New item ‘Nosferatu’s Essence’ – Passively regenerates mana 50% faster (Does not stack)
  • New Vampire merchant unit: ‘Grave Robber’ – Unit that can transform between a Massive Grave and mobile unit
  • New income timers added (After 48 minutes, every 5 minutes Vampires will be awarded a substantial gold bonus that increases with each pass)
  • Solo Ancient Vampires minions max HP now scales with game time until 20 minutes where they will become 2x stronger
  • New ability added for Slayers ‘Ability Information’ – Displays at which levels each spell is unlocked
  • Creeps/Critters added to the map (When killed will restore 1/20th HP and Mana to the killing unit)
  • Range Indicator added to Human Towers
  • New item added ‘Pulse Grenade’ – Will stun all towers within 500 range of blast radius for 5 seconds
  • New item added ‘Dracula’s Cloak of Power’ – grants wearer +1000 armor, permanent blood lust, increased movement speed, +7500 damage, +2000 to all stats
  • New recipe added ‘Dracula’s Cloak of Power’ – Requires Dracula’s Cloak
  • New item ‘Scythe of Necromancy’ – Spawns a Reaper of Death that will collect bounty from dead Human buildings (lasts 20 seconds)
  • New Vampire ability ‘Create Summoning Portal’ – Creates a Dark Summoning Portal at your Vampires location (Does not activate in or near Human bases)

Unit | Item | Tower | Structure | Ability | Research changes:

  • Mana Energy Tower max build limit set to 2 from no limit
  • Draculas Blood Box max build limit set to 2 from no limit
  • Vampiric Rocket research cost decreased to 3 lumber from 5
  • Vampiric Rocket casting range increased to 800 from 500
  • Devotion Aura hotkey changed from D to M to solve overlap of damage upgrade
  • Rain of Blood range increased to 400 from 300
  • Vampiric Awakening now gives gold bounty to the Vampire for structures killed by the ability
  • Hellfire tooltip updated to include information “Hellfire does not stack”, “Two or more Vampires attacking a wall both with Hellfire will have their outgoing damage multiplied”
  • Shattering ability now gives gold to Vampire for structures destroyed + leaks gold at a 20% chance to drop
  • Meat Carrier gold cost reduced to 40 gold from 60
  • Vampire Spire movement speed slow reduced to 50% from 70% + attack speed slow reduced
  • Demonic Remains item damage now increases by 100 damage per minute after purchasing for a maximum of +500 bonus damage per Demonic Remains
  • Pulse Staff now increases in damage by 100 every kill + Blood Letting Staff increases in damage by 500 every kill. Pulse Staff damage carries over to Blood Letting Staff.
  • Mini Vampires no longer spawn with ‘Vampire Trap’
  • Mini Vampires now leak gold regardless if there is a Ancient Vampire alive or not
  • Time Tower damage increase changed to base damage from damage modifier
  • Convert Lumber to Gold ability lumber cost reduced to 2000 lumber from 3000
  • Judgement Day now awards gold bounty to activating Vampire for Humans killed without a base
  • Killing Humans bounty now scales with game time, and bounty is divided up between Ancient Vampires
  • Sphere of Doom time restriction removed on purchasing – Stats per second now begins at 18 minutes game time
  • Sphere of Doom blink ability cool-down reduced to 15 seconds from 30
  • Vampiric Awakening Pathways updated (Now includes spawn portals)
  • Altar of Blood – Infernal stock maximum increased to 5 from 1
  • Scroll of Beast ability added to Gauntlets of Hellfire (5 minute cool-down)
  • Sphere of Doom now sells for 80% if sold within 1 minute of purchasing
  • Added ‘Backstab’ damage to Vampire ‘Veil of Darkness’ Lvl 1,2,3: 15,25,50 bonus damage
  • Spawn portals have now been relocated outside of the bases they previously were in (so now Vampires can travel across the map faster)

New commands/command changes: 

  • -gg command (-y) command added
  • -zoom command added ex: -zoom amount | -zoom max
  • -oust command added (Will oust all units and structures inside your claimed base, and will 100% refund basic low tier structures (Gold mine, Human Vault, Research Center, Slayer Tavern, Lumber House) and will detonate Tier 1 workers, and send Tier2-Tier4 workers to Party Pool.) – Does not activate if a Vampire is near your base
  • -ousthuman (-oustH) command added (will oust all Human units from your base)
  • -hideui toggle command added (Will disable all non essential pop up text messages during gameplay) – Example: Slayer death’s, base claims will not show while this command is enabled) Type -hideui to turn on/off
  • -noenter command added (will auto oust anyone who is not allowed to base with you and send them to the Party Pool) – -yesenter to allow entering again

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed region claim bug with 2 bases (top left and mid right)
  • Fixed gold reward for leaver Humans
  • Fixed HP regen bug with Jade Wall, Chyrsoprase Wall, and upgraded Super Gold Mines
  • Rain of Blood bounty for dead corpses bug fixed
  • Rain of Blood dealing damage to invulnerable buildings bug fixed
  • -sethandicap command not working before Vampire selection bug fixed
  • Recall and Unholy Protection abilities removed from Mini Vampires on spawn
  • Fixed Lumber Exploit
  • Fixed multiple exploits with Sphere of Doom
  • FPS Macro exploit fixed


  • Vampire items bought by Humans will now kill their Slayer and award +15 gold to the Vampires
  • Human unit priorities updated
  • Clan tags updated
  • New Vampire model added

Developer notes: 

  • 126 hours total