Vampirism Fire 6.6b

June 22, 2020

Unit | Item | Tower | Structure | Research | Ability changes:

  • Ultimate Tower of Flames range reduced from 1600 to 1400
  • Talisman of the Ward gold cost reduced from 30 to 8 gold
  • Dead Black Building Wall Towers will now die in 6 hits like walls do
  • Sentry Ward stock reduced to 2 from 5
  • Shadow Sight ability renamed to Farsight
  • Farsight range reverted back to Level 1: 2500 | Level 2: 3000 from 2200, 2600 range
  • Dracula’s Cloak now has bloodlust ability
  • Bloodletting Staff now ricochets to 5 units up from 2
  • Engineer Vitality gold increment upgrade cost reduced to 10 gold from 45 gold
  • Rain of Blood now deals 5000 damage to all units excluding Human and Engineers. It will do 0 damage to Human, and 900 damage to Engineers.


  • Player color teal has been fixed
  • “A newly constructed unit has been placed” exploit fixed Dead walls now give bounty again
  • Caps lock no longer matters when sending gold
  • -gg command spam exploit fixed
  • Rain of Blood issue that caused Human to run out fixed


  • New -notips text button added at start of game (will turn off tips)
  • New commands added (-btop) -> pings all unused bases top of the map. (-bbot) -> pings all unused bases bottom of the map
  • New camera zoom slider (max zoom distance increased to 2000 from 1650)